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The Gentrification (k)NOT Project and Movie.

Station North, a neighborhood worth caring about?

An Autobiography of Gertrude Stein, by judy Lombardi was performed November 7, 2012 at Roland Park Place in Baltimore, Maryland.

In this 45 minute multimedia presentation, which includes video images and music, Lombardi depicts the life works and relations of modernist Gertrude Stein. Stein is mostly known for her art and support of modernist painters and writers. However this performance focuses on her writings, her plays, her operas, poetry, essays, "portraits," and books. Many of which demonstrate her philosophy that when there is communication (identification) there is no creativity. Her 1933 best seller, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, by Gertrude Stein popularized her in the United States. She is a prototype for modernism, gay/lesbian relations and third-order cybernetics. (Click image to see an excerpt from the performance.)


Reflections on Occupy.... August 2012

Video/Lecture/Conversation with members of the Howard County Friends of Latin America about the Occupy Baltimore and the Occupy Movement (text/video).



July 2012 American Society for Cybernetics Conference Presentation "Paradigms and Recursions that (might) Generate a Praxis"

A multimedia presentation (video/lecture performance) that nests the concepts paradigm, recursion and praxis in ways that reflect my cybernetic experiences for understanding these terms. During this presentation I explore the following questions:

How do I define the terms paradigm, recursion and praxis according to a cybernetic way of thinking about such concepts?

When might there be a triadic relationship (what does this mean) between the concepts paradigm, recursions, and praxis?

How might the concepts paradigm, recursion and praxis generate a conversation about a society that I desire(s) to be an element of?


March 2012 Reflections on Occupy Baltimore Presentation and and discussion with several other OB folks at the University of Maryland School of Social Work (alma mater).

"I know longer want to reform society, I want a new society. This is an importance distinction."

Truckstop for the


January 2012 Urbana IL. School for Designing a Society ..........................................

When peace is a need





Remembering.... Ernst von Glasersfeld

August 10, 2011 Presented a eulogy about Ernst von Glasersfeld at the American Society for Cybernetics conference on Listening in Richmond Indiana.

Interview with jLombardi a sociological imagination point of view of tradespeople. Excerpt of Lombardi from the Tradesmen movie. Premier screening in Baltimore June 2011. Showing at the Creative Alliance June 29, 2012.

What's so Radical about Radical Construction?

July 21, 2011. A multimedia presentation at the International Personal Construct Psychology Congress, Boston Massachusetts. Includes excerpts from interviews I have done with Ernst von Glasersfeld. Click HERE for a copy of the script that accompanies the DVD presentation. To order a copy of the DVD contact me at:





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Sociological Imagination


Systems of Stratification


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