Susan Rose Parenti earns the ASC Warren McCulloch Achievement Award for Avoidance

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March 27, 2013

Where from Here


This video short combines footage from ASC 2012 with ASC 2010 footage about cybernetics as a transdiciplinary approach for exploring where we might go from here when nested in transforming language.

March 6, 2013

This video clip is a (14 minute) video segment of the DVD montage I put together from the ASC 2012 conference. (Still waiting for approval to release the DVD from Jerry Brown as per our agreement).

If interested in a copy of the DVD email me at and I will mail it to you (when governor okay's release) for $10.00 plus mailing fees if you can. Enjoy.

Maturana -- Illusions

maturana illusions

September 7, 2012

Graham Barnes, Bateson, Love, Mind...


August 16, 2012

maria e mario

Maria do Céu Rueff "Leges Artis, End(ing) of Life, and Compassion." e Mário Vieira de Carvalho "Art as ‘Phantasmagoria’:Between Illusion and Reification."


August 21, 2012

Sent edited video of opening night-plus to Jerry Brown for okay as promised. Hope to post this 1hour 5o minute piece soon here. NO word yet.

Slideshow ASC 2012 includes images from the Asilomar state park, Monday night's dinner with governor Jerry Brown in the house for the showing of "An Ecology of Mind, a Daughter's Portrait of Gregory Bateson." Tuesday's presentations and celebrations, Klaus Krippendorf fixing my tripod. Wednesday's surprise visit from artist Frank Galuzka, a president of the ASC in the 90s when I was treasurer, Frank presenting an etching of Heinz von Forester (HvF) to Albert Müller for the HvF archive in Vienna. Video clips of Gregory Bateson, HvF, Jerry Brown, Carol Wilder at Asilomar 30 plus years ago. More images of the Asilomar state park, doom and gloom (see pumper sticker) some of Wednesday and Thursday's presentations including excerpts from Maturana (I is reality) and D'avila's presentations the audience, the beach, Richards, Umpleby, Maturana, D'avila, Fay, Glassman and lastly, Richards' commentary on ideas. (Music "from day one" by Fourplay)

Paradigms and Recursions that (might) Generate a Praxis
ASC 2012


I will generate a multimedia presentation (video/lecture performance) that nests the concepts paradigm, recursion and praxis in ways that reflect my cybernetic experiences for understanding these terms. I will explore the following questions:

- How do I define the terms paradigm, recursion and praxis according to a cybernetic way of thinking about such concepts?

- When might there be a triadic relationship (what does this mean) between the concepts paradigm, recursions, and praxis?

- How might the concepts paradigm, recursion and praxis generate a conversation about a society that I desire(s) to be an element of?

In regard to recursions, I will lean on the work of Heinz von Foerster in relation to Gertrude Stein’s use of the term insistence, and turn toward Gregory Bateson when offering a distinction between the concepts recursion, repetition and redundancy.

When talking about praxis, I will focus on how this term might relate to Humberto Maturana’s concepts about Structurally Determined Systems when living in languaging.

As for the concept of paradigm, I turn toward Herbert and Marianne Brün for describing and making distinctions between the terms paradigms, models, assumptions and premise.