Clinical Social Worker, Video Ethnographer, Independent Scholar

Judith Lombardi graduated from the University of Maryland School of Social Work in 1981. She worked in nursing homes with the elderly, in residential care for adolescents and with non-violent offenders in the prison system. She ran a private practice for a decade focusing on the needs of “emotionally disturbed” children, their families and organizations working with them.

In 1996 Judy earned a Ph.D. in Human Relations and Cybernetics from the Union Institute. Her dissertation was a video and contextual essay entitled “from what to when is (not) violence?” Dissertation Committee members: Minnie Bruce Pratt, Herbert Brün, Beth Hagen, Humberto Maturana, and Lisa Werthamer-Larsen.

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<-- Excerpt, Essay from video "From what to when is (not) violence?"

Dr. Lombardi taught sociology at Villa Julie College (aka Stevenson University) for over a decade until 2011 where she articulated a teaching philosophy.

"I currently think that in a late age one has to be an artist in order to provoke social transformations." -- jLombardi


As a video-ethnographer Jude went to Occupy Baltimore on October 4, 2011 where she videoed events, facilitated at General Assemblies and documented her reflections about the Occupy Movement on her blog.

She is a regular contributor to Channel 75, the Peoples' cable channel for Baltimore city.

As usual, jude has been exploring how to use cybernetic concepts as a social artivist. For example, when nesting hir thinking in cybernetic concepts jL constructed a documentary entitled the Gentrification (k)NOT Movie. Click on the image to view trailer -->

Dr. Lombardi also maintains the Gentrification (k)NOT project website, where you can learn more about gentrification, its consequences, the movie and how we might prevent gentrification from emerging during revitalization of a neighborhood.

In 2015 Lombardi was commissioned by the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) to create a documentary celebrating 50 years of the ASC entitled “Living Cybernetics.”

Her most recent film, "Their words and where I want them" was presented at the ASC 2016 International Conference held in Washington State, is about how cybernetic thoughts influence and orient her movie making over the years.

Formal Education

B.A.  Towson University - Sociology and Anthropology

M.S.W. University of Maryland at Baltimore - Social of Work

Ph.D.  The Union Institute - Human Relations and Cybernetics