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A 9 minute introduction to qigong with LB. April 2014, Davis Island NC. qigongcoverLB
Finally posted for Women's International Day 2016. From Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WIPLF) Congress while waiting for the votes to be counted. Itsy bitty spider, etc. from around the world. Goucher College 1998
Dante C. Swinton talks incinerators, consequences and possibilities during a community presentation at Red Emma's in Baltimore, Maryland. February 2016.

In this video Myra Margolin does a brilliant job of describing and illustrating institutionalized structured racism in Baltimore today in 14 minutes. This presentation was sponsored by Jews United for Justice and occurred a few weeks after the Baltimore uprising in April 2015.

"Living Cybernetics" is a two hour documentary about cybernetics and the American Society for Cybernetics which celebrated 50 years of existence in 2014. It incudes footage from that last 20 some years. July 2015. Shorts: ASC @ Fifty



Video montage of a protest organized by students of Baltimore to march from Penn Station to City Hall in response to Freddy Grey's death while in police custody. April 29, 2015

Gentrification (k)NOT Move

This 47 minute documentary explores the meaning of the term gentrification, how it is an element of  a system that displaces people from their homes during urban revitalization, and what one might do to prevent it from happening. The movie weaves footage from three Baltimore events that took place between September 2012 and March 2013. The Gentrification (k)NOT Movie is now available on DVD. October 2014

1st World Congress on Missing Things -- closing performance, June 9, 2014 Baltimore MD. USA.


My Bee Movie

Einstien's prediction

Women on Bikes to DC hang out at Liam's Pub on there way to the National Bike Summit. March 2014


Excerpts from the "Stop Cove Point" rally, held on February 20, 1014 in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. Video includes several speakers and marchers at the rally.

Founder and Managing Director of the New Capitalist, Melissa Bradley's addresses participants at the Fusion Partnerships Conference, "Innovation for the Greater Good" held October 19, 2013, in Baltimore MD. about the New Capitalists. The New Capitalists are able to make decisions that positively enhance the economic position for themselves, their communities and their country. -- website


A variety of shorts of happenings in Station North October 12. 2013 during FolkFest and FreeFall Baltimore. Includes video of the Barrage Band Orchestra, P. Daly, Dead Whale Ramblers and Gertrude Stein.

Kiese Laymon and Lester Spence at the Baltimore BookFest, September 28, 2013. Talking about writing, masculinity, race, love, mothers, pop culture, sexism and more.

Click HERE to view Red Emma's video of Lester Spence talking about his new book Knocking the Hustle.

University of Maryland School of Social Work at Baltimore Community Outreach Services presents "The Power of Music Concert." Featuring Ruth Pelham and the Baltimore Labor Chorus. March 2013.
A Herstory of GirlsRock Baltimore 2013
An excerpt from The Autobiography of Gertrude Stein by Judy Lombardi, a multimedia performance.
Excerpts from the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) conference entitled "an ecology of ideas." It is a 14 minute montage from the ASC conference held July 2012 in CA. It includes excerpts from presentations, performances and conversation with Nora Bateson, Judith Lombardi, Felix Smith, Steve Nachmanovitch and Susan Rose Parenti. July 2012
Performance/Acceptance speech by Susan Parenti, "Avoidance," at the 2012 American American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) conference held at Asilomar CA state park, July 14, 2012.

nachmonovitch Closing keynote presentation by Stephen Nachmonvitch entitled "An Old Dinosaur, Gregory Bateson," at the joint conference of the American Society of Cybernetics and the Bateson Idea Group in Asilomar California on July 13, 2012.


Baltimore Supports Chicago Teachers: On September 11, 2012 a group of Baltimore teachers, students and concerned citizens stood outside Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, one of the oldest and most respected public high schools in Baltimore city in support for the Chicago teachers and their strike for human rights.


901 ARTS Annual FISH FRY. This video is about an annual event held every September in Waverly at 901 to raise money in order to support this after school arts program.
A short video created in memory of Liz Wilkerson who died (2012) way too soon.



Excerpt entitled "UpRiser Calisthenics" from Bread and Puppet Theater performance at 2640 -- April 2012.



An Oddmusic Event at the Occupy Truck Stop for the Long Haul convergence in Urbana IL. 2012, includes one possible Occupy anthem composed by Rick Burkhardt.

Heinz von Foerster at the 1995 American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) meeting, "Pavlov and Konorski's Dogs". (edited sound, 2012)

Heinz von Foerster at the 1993 ASC meeting, "Management, Self-Interest and Self-Organization."

Excerpt from Moving a House, From Morehead City to Marshallberg a video that depicts a common phenomenon in the South--moving houses. This is one such story.


Paradigms: Power and Language, a conversation at the School for Designing a Society in 1993. A great introduction to the article "Paradigms: The Inertia of Language."
"Der anachronistische Zug oder Freiheit und Democracy," text by Bertolt Brecht, music by Hanns Eislerm, as performed at the school for designing a society in 1994.

On November 7, 2011 Occupy Baltimore and other Baltimore organizers orchestrated a meeting with the president of Baltimore Development Corporation, outside the Baltimore office on Charles Street, about citizens concerns about development in Baltimore city.

An introduction to cybernetics, Larry Richards, myself and others explore "when is cybernetics." Footage from the ASC meetings in 2010/2011.



Danielle Chynoweth, Mark Enslin and Jacob Barton talk about the Independent Media Center (IMC) and LPFM radio station located in the IMC and the history of its design and development. April 2011

eleryman @ RootFest in Baltmore June 2011 celerymanrootfest2011baltimore

Video of the video of the American Society for Cybernetics 2010 meeting presented at the School for Designing a Society in March 2011.


Constitution Day 2009 at MICA, comments by Helen Molesworht, Angela Davis and Amy Goodman. A very cool take on feminism.

Villa Julie College sociololgy students research the rights of the detained and the laws that are changing that affect those rights after 9/11. 2006


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